Explore the world.

Become a monarch. Fly across the landscape in an immersive experience.


You will become a monarch butterfly, migrating across the vast landscape. Your experience will be immersive and realistic; experience the true monarch experience using your phone's virtual reality.


As a monarch butterfly, you will migrate across the vast expanse to find your new home. It is your goal to find a milkweed tree and lay eggs so you may pass on the monarch experience to the next generation.


In order to survive as a butterfly, you must adapt. Nature selects only the fittest to survive, so you must show all that you've got in order to win. Learn what it's like for a monarch butterfly to survive in the wild.


This isn't an 8-bit Mario game. This is virtual reality. What you see will be dreams turned into reality. Both virtual reality and monarch migrations are truly amazing experiences, so we combined them together to bring you true amazingness.


Welcome to the most accessible form of virtual reality possible: your smartphone. You can soar across the continent in the palm of your hands.


Experience Monarch on iOS and Android.

Download for iOS Download for Android

What you'll need:

  • A phone compatible with Google Cardboard
  • A Google Cardboard-like VR headset
  • Android or iOS


Monarch was created by the Monarch Development Team: Jatin Kumar, Trevor Thai Kim Nguyen, Sammy Shin, and Jeffrey Wang.

Monarch uses Unity and Google Cardboard.

Monarch was created at EARTHACK 2017 as part of Earth Day TX. Special thanks to State Farm for providing us VR headsets.

© 2017 Monarch Development Team. All rights reserved.